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Do you have Klout? As a matter of fact you do. Actually we all have Klout to one degree or another. Klout is a simple measure of your influence in social media. To put it simply, Klout measures your interactions on various social platforms. You simply sign up for Klout and link your social media accounts to Klout and you are on your way.

In this post I will offer you a better understanding of what Klout is, show you what a higher Klout score can do for you, and give you some tips on how you can raise your Klout score. Shall we begin?

What is Klout?

According to the Klout website:

Klout’s vision is to enable everyone to discover and be recognized for how they influence the world. With the rise of social media, the ability to impact others has been democratized. Klout measures your influence based on your ability to drive action on social networks.

The Klout Score is a single number that represents the aggregation of multiple pieces of data about your social media activity. We compute the Klout Score by applying our score model to these signals.

Your Klout score is a measure of your activity, interactivity, and influence in the realm of social media.

What can Klout do for you?

Yes, raising your Klout score can benefit you. Here are a few of the ways a higher score can help you:

  • Klout is most accepted and integrated measurement tool available.
  • Through Klout perks you can get good deals and even free stuff.
  • Most headhunters and prospective employers do not care about Klout score, but some do.
  • It provides a guide that helps give you an idea of how effectively you are using social media.
  • In some cases you might even get things such as hotel room upgrades in some hotels and VIP passes if you have a massive score.
  • Whether Klout is important to your mind or not, a higher score looks good and builds up your image.

Klout can provide these benefits as well as others. Some will say that Klout is of extreme importance, others will say that Klout score means nothing. One thing is clear: Klout is here, it is growing, and there are those (some in very important positions) that do pay attention to Klout.

How do you raise your Klout score?

What we know at this point:

  1. Klout is a measure of your activity, interactivity, and influence in social media.
  2. Having a high Klout score can carry benefits with it.
  3. Some people and even organizations do pay attention to your Klout score.
  4. It can’t hurt you to raise your score, but it might help you.

At this point the question must be asked — How do I raise my Klout score? Here are some tips on just how to do that:

  • Be active on several social media sites.
  • Connect all of your social media sites to Klout.
  • Write good content for your posts.
  • Share quotes. People like quotes and tend to respond to them.
  • Share photos. The visual is what is rocking the Web and people like it. Pictures and videos sell.
  • Share tips that people will find helpful.
  • Post questions.
  • Post well wishes such as good morning, Merry Christmas, have a great weekend, etc. These tend to get comments.
  • Get to know people and build relationships online.
  • Pay special attention to influencers and engage with them.

All of these tips are just a few examples of what inspires comments, likes, shares, and retweets. Think about the people that you are reaching out to and post what they will respond to.

Klout isn’t just about flooding Twitter with posts. It isn’t about spamming Facebook. Klout is all about interaction and good content. Do you have to use Klout to run a business? No. Do you have to use Klout to succeed in marketing? Absolutely not. Does Klout matter to everyone? Not at all. Klout may not matter to everyone, but in the eyes of those to whom it does matter, it can’t hurt and can only help  you to raise your Klout score.

What is your Klout score?


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