4 Things Google+ Can Do for You


I can hear you now. “But everyone I know uses Facebook, why should I spend time using Google+ when I don’t really know anyone on there?” Good question, and I hope to provide you with some good answers. I am going to show you why you should implement a Google+ strategy and some of the ways that it can benefit you and your brand.

To answer the question proposed in the last paragraph:

  1. You don’t know anyone on Google+ yet.
  2. Your friends and customers may not be on Google+ yet.

Yet is the operative word. Google+ is continuously introducing new quality features, it is gaining popularity, and it is the only current social network that I currently see out there that is positioning itself in such a way to be a serious future contender against Facebook. Google+ is great for SEO. Finally, Google (the world’s number 1 search engine) loves and shows favor to Google+. This leads us to the inevitable question: What can Google+ do for you?

SEO Boost


Let’s face it, Facebook and Twitter are essential to marketing efforts. To ignore them  would be  a mistake of epic proportions. The trouble is that both Facebook and Twitter restrict Google from accessing much of their data. This limits their SEO effectiveness. With Google+ on the other hand, it is the number one search provider in the world (aka Google) that owns the network. Not only that, Google does access the data on Google+ and shows favor to it. Google+ brings with it natural SEO.

Meeting True Influencers


Most of the big players in marketing, industry, and business in general are also on Google+. Why is it important to get to know the major hitters? It is important because they have the expertise, connections, and are a wealth of information. They can be learned from. One really nice thing in the whole deal is that many of them will even communicate with you when you comment or message them, if you also provide decent content and construct good comments and messages.

Expanded Exposure


The truth be told, more exposure can never hurt and can only help you.If you are wise, you are claiming your territory wherever you can. It costs nothing. It takes very little effort to just sign up. Then at least you have it to use when you are ready to. The more places your name and brand can be seen the better.

Territory in the Next Big Thing

I honestly do believe that in the future Google+ has the potential to very well be a serious contender against Facebook. Will it surpass Facebook and replace it as the dominant social network. I don’t know. It it possible? I would say it is in the realm of possibility. Just look at what Facebook did to MySpace. Whether it ever surpasses Facebook or not though, it does appear that Google+ is going to continue to grow and thrive. Now is the time to get your foot in that door. Getting there before your competition is the only smart thing to do.

My best advice to you is to get started with Google+ now. Facebook and Twitter may be the kings but it would be a terrible mistake to ignore the opportunities that Google+ offers you.

How do you think you can implement Google+? What other benefits do you see that it can provide your brand?


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  1. I agree Google + is one very powerful tool every digital marketeer must have in their amour. The more places one is seen in the more places one can be found at!!

  2. Google+ is an excellent tool that is overlooked by many. Akutagawa International tried Google+ and in one day generated 7 business leads that led to 3 official clients. Some may say only 3 clients, that isn’t many. Over the course of 1 month we have a total of 11 new clients just from Google+ efforts. Akutagawa International can agree that Google is an excellent marketing and Advertising tool. Visit us at Akutagawainternational.com

  3. Google+ is going to be the next furious step that Google will take to shift even more to personalized searches, not being in Google+ will mean cutting down on your human network and letting your competitors lead you. Its going to take time and effort so its best to start now.

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