4 Steps to Simplify your Social Media World

Simplify your social media life.

Social media has without a doubt become a very powerful focal point in most of our lives. It is where we market our brand, socialize, make plans with friends, get entertained, and just hang out. I believe it has become a good thing. I also believe it has empowered everyone to get their message out to a global audience. The challenge is, it can be such a time thief. How can we keep up with our social networks and still have time to run our businesses and even go outside once in a while? Here are four steps to make your social media manageable again.

Simplify your feeds.

In time as you the number of those you follow grows your social feeds can become a true challenge to keep up with. Let’s face it, most of us don’t have time to spend two to four hours a day reading updates on social networks. What makes this really challenging is that in order to grow your following you have to follow others. What is the solution? How can you follow so many and still keep up with your social media feeds?


HootSuite is a social media management program that does many things well. The main feature I use it for is to place many of my feeds into one window so they are quicker and easier to read and manage. You should give it a try.


With paper.li you actually view your Twitter feed as if it is the front page of a newspaper. Now you can more easily scan through the “headlines” and see the top stories of your massively long Twitter stream of updates (if it isn’t that long now it will be as you follow more people). It works great and I use it everyday.

Twitter Lists

Are there some on your Twitter feed that you don’t want to miss an update from? No worries, Twitter has a feature called Lists. With lists you can create a list, make it public or private, and add those you want there. To get started go to your profile and click “Lists”.


In Google+ create Circles to organize your contacts. It works slick and easy. You can organize your Circles any way you wish.

In setting up and using HoorSuite, paper.li, Twitter Lists, and Circles you have made your social media readable again.

Simplify posting

The first thing I’d like you to do is start paying attention to what your friends and contacts are already posting. In doing so you will get to know what is on their mins. You will discover what is important to them. By knowing what they are interested in, thinking about, and what is important to them you will gain invaluable insights into what you should be posting about.

Start using Buffer. Buffer is an amazing service that (for free) allows you to schedule your Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook posts. It is very convenient and powerful if used in the right way.

Structure your time

From its very beginning social networking has always been very addictive for many. As your list of friends grows it can become overwhelming. My advice?

Limit yourself to posting and reading two to three times a day. That is enough. You will be keeping yourself out there without turning yourself into a spammer.

Go outside once in a while. There is more to life that Facebook, Twitter, and your computer. Be sure to take breaks. Who knows? You just may find that you enjoy the real world.

Organize your inbox

Just a couple of quick and easy pieces of advice here that I know will make your life easier.

* Organize your messages into folders, categories, or labels (depending on the email program or service you are using).

* Mark important messages with a star or flag. In doing so they will always appear at the top of your messages.

If you simplify your feeds, simplify your posting, structure your time, and organize your email you will find that your social media life will become easier.

What are your tricks to manage your social media accounts or to just make your online world an easier one to live in?


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